Industrial Refrigeration Services

Industrial Refrigerator Repair

CRS-Commercial Refrigeration Solution has more than 20 years of experience installing, controlling, and servicing industrial refrigeration systems. We’re a single-source contractor with multi-industry discipline teams that work together throughout every project phase across the state of Los Gatos, California. When it comes to servicing industrial refrigeration equipment, CRS-Commercial Refrigeration Solution is your local contractor. Who desires to go above and beyond every project. It has the capability and ability to provide our customers with any industrial refrigerator needs. Our service professionals offer a commitment to exceptional service and repair work done with efficiency and safe practices. With our round-the-clock service, we will always be there day or night. Not only do we take fulfillment in customer service, but we provide a cost-effective solution that constantly exceeds expectations. At CRS-Commercial Refrigeration Solution, we are devoted to ensuring that each of our customers is completely satisfied!

Our Licensed Contractors team deals with the industrial refrigeration system

Our specialists always arrive on time and work at a rapid pace. Yet. Our professional team never compromises the quality of our work. We maintain a secure environment and always leave our work area clean every visit. Our licensed contractors and experienced, degreed engineers manage each project, focusing on innovation and rapid maintenance response. Our highly qualified team is up to date on industry procedures. In addition, each of our supervisors has decades of expertise in the field.

Our Top Priority is Your Complete Satisfaction!

We’re much more than a set of services. Our highly qualified, responsible, and devoted team is accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to assure your complete satisfaction by providing the best industrial refrigerator services. It is why we have remained the chosen option.

Problem You Can Prevent

Preventing problems is just as significant as installing equipment. We know refrigeration inside and out. We can utilize that knowledge to create a proactive “fixed cost” maintenance plan that maximizes your system’s dependability and efficiency while keeping costs in check.

Refrigeration Safety

Safety is our main focus at CRS-Commercial Refrigeration.

Before starting every task, we do a pre-start safety assessment, have a complete safety committee, daily safety information bulletins distributed to all personnel, tailgate discussions, and frequent safety meetings to evaluate.

Snap inspections of our vehicles and job locations are also performed frequently. As a result, we ensure that our specialists are operating safely at all times. In addition, safety glasses, fall arrest devices, ear protection, foot protection, high voltage electrical gloves, gloves, lockout tags, and locks are all supplied to our team.

We comprehend how important it is to give sufficient safety training. And equipment to our personnel and comply with the Ministry of Labor’s criteria to safeguard their safety.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Our CRS-Commercial Refrigeration Solution team has a 24-hour service and repair line that immediately connects you to a local technician to ensure our customers are always protected. From freezers & ice makers to huge walk-in coolers or refrigerators/freezers, Appliance Services offers exceptional service at affordable rates in Los Gatos.

RS-Commercial Refrigeration service technicians are highly trained technicians who service all major brands of refrigerators and freezers providing industrial refrigeration services. And we use the most elegant electronic diagnostic and troubleshooting equipment. As a result, we can rapidly and specifically detect issues and try to solve them as soon as possible. And thanks to our extensive list of new and replacement parts and equipment.

As a result, we can quickly resolve any problems. In addition, our adaptability allows us to provide customers with one-of-a-kind industrial refrigeration services tailored to their requirements. Having a professional cooling skill on different levels saves your business both time and money. If you need us, please contact